How To Use This Site

The Sony Pictures Museum is organized into five different sections of featured exhibits. Each section has various subsections and overviews made visible by "mousing over" the navigation with your mouse. Once inside a section, all of the available exhibits will still be displayed and accessible from the navigation bar.
A few helpful tips will make your experience visiting each of the exhibits that much more enjoyable:
• At any time if you click on the museum logo located at the top left corner of any page, you will be taken back to the home page of the site.
• If you are looking for a specific exhibit, try the Site Map located in the lower navigation bar on every page. This is a great visual way to get right to a particular section or exhibit in the museum.
• Be patient! Especially if you are connected to the Internet via a dial-up connection. Many of the exhibits contain high-resolution graphics and film clips, but they may take some time to download on slower connections.
• Send us your questions or comments. Located on the lower navigation bar is a Contact Us link that will give you our email address.
If you experience any technical difficulties while viewing the exhibits, or while searching and viewing the Museum Collection photos and film clips, visit our Troubleshooting Help section, also accessible via the lower navigation bar. Here you will find updated information about web browser specifications and standard web plug-ins that are needed to properly view the museum content.
We hope you find the Sony Pictures Museum entertaining, educational and most of all, a place to keep coming back to again and again!