What would the very cool Agents Jay and Kay wear in MEN BLACK? Where would World War II womens' softball team uniforms be found for A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN? How would FIRST KNIGHT'S medieval armor look real but still allow an actor to move comfortably? These are just a few of the challenges the wardrobe department must face.
Costume designers are in a unique position when creating wardrobe for a film. Not only does the wardrobe enhance a character, but wardrobe must also complement the set. Costume designers work closely with the director and production designer to discuss colors, textures and styles of clothing so that the wardrobe adds to the director’s vision for the film. They often work with prop masters and effects experts to rig costumes for particular special effects. Lead actors often get involved too, making wardrobe suggestions and providing insight into their characters.
During pre-production, the costume designer works on the wardrobe, reads the script and breaks it down for wardrobe needs. The designer notes the time period and setting of the story, the style of clothing or special uniforms needed, the number of costume changes per character, and the number of extras who will need wardrobe. If a film is a "period" or historical piece, a great deal of research goes into the re-creation of the costumes to ensure authenticity.

Columbia Pictures' wardrobe department from years past.

A Rockford Peach uniform from A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN.