Pre-Production (cont'd)

The studio’s Production Administration department also plays a significant role. Acting in a supervisory capacity, the production "admin" team works with each film’s producers and talent to make sure the collective vision of the finished film is made a reality, stepping in when necessary to spot potential problems and formulate solutions.
Sony Pictures’ Production Admin team helps to oversee the budget, schedule, locations, set construction, securing of stages, and negotiation of crew deals. The team also serves as a focal point for information flowing to and from the set and coordinates the efforts of internal studio departments, such as Business Affairs and Legal.
Some highlights from this busy pre-production phase include:
• A storyboard artist draws sequences of the script shot by shot, as envisioned by the director, to be used as a reference tool by all production personnel. In some cases, the hand-drawn storyboard gives way to previsualization, or animated storyboards that are computer generated and can include details such as camera movement, lighting and special effects.
• Once the production designer and director decide on the location of the film - one that corresponds to the setting of the script and works within the film’s budget, schedule and seasonal considerations - the location manager and the location scouts search for specific locations.

Potential locations are photographed and put in folders.

A diagram and photos of Tradd Street, a location in THE PATRIOT.