Preservation Process

Sony Pictures Entertainment has implemented policies for the care and preservation of its library of filmed assets. The main component of the library, the Columbia Pictures titles from 1924 to the present, has been undergoing full preservation and restoration for a number of years. Sony is committed to preserving and, if necessary, restoring all the titles in its library, a process started shortly after the purchase of the studio in 1989.
Preservation generally refers to making technical copies (protection materials) of original film and audio elements. This will enable controlled access for future use and protects against potential damage or deterioration of original elements. The key to successful preservation is the proper handling and storage (in a cold and dry environment, with geographic separation) of original and protection film and audio elements.
Restoration refers to a process of recapturing or restoring a film to its original look and sound, just as when it was first released or produced. A film needs restoring when you cannot easily replicate the original achievement of the filmmakers.

IN A LONELY PLACE, starring Humphrey Bogart and Gloria Grahame, is one of Sony Pictures' most recently restored films.

An operator programming an optical printer that utilizes wet-gate printing and pin registration for accurate duplication of films.